Sustainable Living and bush camping

Our farm sits on an aquifer with our own unlimited fresh water. We are pretty much self sufficient with our solar, water, vegetables, fruit, eggs, chicken meat, sheep meat, yabbies and marron. Everything is recycled, nothing goes to wast, what we and the chickens and the sheep don’t eat will go in the compost/worm farm. The compost is reused on the vegie garden, excess eggs are boiled and fed to the yabbies and marron, excess vegies will go to the rabbits and sheep. We grow carrots to feed to the yabbies and marron. It’s a great lifestyle and we love it.

Now we are opening up our farm for bush camping. $6 per person per night and kids under 5 are free. Bush camping with a difference. With Lots of birds and wildlife/ views of Mount Remarkable, Mount Brown and Mount Maria/ campfire and lots of firewood/ million stars at night/ possibility for secluded camping spots for bigger groups/ farm produce/ biking and hiking in nearby Melrose and Aligator Gorge/ homebase to explore the Flinders. And on top of it all an opportunity to learn about sustainable farming and experience catching, cooking and eating yabbies ($30 p/p bookings only). Campsites only available to people with selfcontained campers with ablution facilities. There is a greywater dumpsite in Wilmington.

Bookings only. If you are interested please contact us.